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Frequently Asked Questions

Q/ Do I need a GP referral?

A/ No, anyone can self refer to a private podiatrist. Although a GP may recommend you visit a podiatrist for treatment that is not carried out by the NHS.

Q/ What do I need to bring for my first appointment?

A/ Please bring a full list of any medication you are currently taking. If you are wearing nail varnish please remove it prior to your appointment.

Q/What’s the difference between a Chiropodist and a Podiatrist?

A/ There is no difference between a ‘Chiropodist’ and ‘Podiatrist’. Both words refer to the same profession and both are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. 'Podiatry' is the term used internationally.

Q/ If I have a corn removed will it come back?

A/ A corn is a development of hard skin with a small central core. ( non contagious) Although they can be annoying, they are a sign that particular part of your foot is under stress and this is the body's way of protecting it. A (hard) corn can usually be removed in one session & you will leave pain free however, if the original cause of that corn is still present it is likely to return at some point. The quicker it returns the higher the stress to the site.
A soft corn is located in between toes and these are thinner in depth but can be the most painful.
After treating the corn I will be able to advise you why it has developed and I will be able to recommend a treatment plan. Any long standing or problematic corn can be treated with either muscle rebalancing or the use of an orthotic ( corrective insole) to improve/ correct the foot function and offload the painful area.

F A Q. Baby feet

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