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Whether you require treatment for a foot condition, struggle to care for your feet yourself, or going on holiday and want your feet to look and feel great, you’ll experience the very best in Podiatry care at 'Northants Chiropody & Podiatry’.

FOR APPOINTMENT ENQUIRES PLEASE CALL RECEPTION. Commonly asked questions are answered on the above FAQ link however, if you have a more unusual question please feel free to email using the links on this website and I will return your email as soon as I can.

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Treatments Offered

  • General foot/ diabetic checks / routine nail care
  • Problem / Ingrowing nails ( anaesthetic if required)
  • Callous/ corns / Dry cracked skin / skin infections etc.
  • Bunions/ Hammer toes/ Neuromas
  • Verrucae's ( cryosurgery - freezing)
  • Nail surgery ( permanent solution to persistent Ingrowing/ problem nails)

  • Gait analysis / Biomechanic Assessment -SPECIALIST AREA
    An assessment into lower limb function – looking closely for abnormalities and compensations to establish an underlying cause of persistent pain.

    The symptoms of faulty foot mechanics may begin with any of the following:
    * Localised foot pain
    * Bunions/ hammer toes
    * Arch or heel pain
    * Leg pain/knee pain
    * Hip/ back ( inc sciatica) or even neck pain.
    *Referrals to specialist consultants privately or NHS

  • Custom made Orthotics ( It is useful if clothing can be worn so full posture can be clearly seen)
    Orthotics are medical appliances custom made to correct your specific foot imbalance using the very latest accurate digital 3D laser technology. Each orthotic is uniquely designed by CAD-CAM correction software and then individually carved on precise CNC milling machines.
    They work on the feet by exerting gentle consistent pressure to bring foot muscles and bones into proper alignment. They fit comfortably into your footwear and are available in various styles to suit your footwear including ultra slimline to make shoe accommodation even easier.


    01933-224454 Wellingborough

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What Is A Chiropodist/Podiatrist?

A Chiropodist or Podiatrist (Podiatrist is the internationally recognised name) is someone who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of foot disorders and conditions.

Since 2005, the title became protected and can only be used by someone registered with the HCPC (Health & Care Professions Council) Registration depends on successful completion of a recognised course of training and commitment to continued professional education.

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Kerri Money SRCh DPODM MChA

Kerri Money qualified as a podiatrist in January 2002 and is a registered member of the 'Health & Care Professions Council' (no.23003) complying with all their regulations. She is also a registered member of 'The Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists' and is FULLY INSURED.

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