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All aspects of routine foot problems including: corns/ callous, dry/ cracked hard skin, verrucae/ warts, ingrowing or problem nails and general foot pain.

CRYOSURGERY (veruccae freezing)
This uses freezing to destroy verrucaes and warts and stimulates the body's own immune system to attack the virus. It is a very safe and effective procedure.

Usually resolved at first appointment. Local anaesthetic is available if required.

A relatively painless permanent solution for persistent ingrowing or problem nails. Please contact your preferred clinic leaving details and I can get back to you to arrange an appointment. The treatment takes approximately one hour and includes two follow up appointments at various intervals until full healing has taken place.

A routine first podiatry appointment needs to be booked first to see if you are suitable for this treatment.

The Health Of Our Body Rests Upon Your Feet!

Supporting You All The Way...


The structure of your foot supports your entire weight. The slightest misalignment of muscles and bones can cause many different problems.
The symptoms of faulty foot mechanics may begin with any of the following:

1/ Localised Foot Pain
2/ Bunions/ Hammer Toes
3/ Heel Pain/ Arch Pain
4/ Leg/ Knee Pain
5/ Hip/ Back Pain ( including sciatica)
6/ Even Neck Pain!

A Biomechanical Assessment involves the evaluation of the structure, alignment and function of the legs and feet. Your posture is also analysed together with certain tests and exercises being carried out. If you have low or high arched feet then you can be more predisposed to problems. However, muscle inflexibility, weakness or imbalance can also effect how we function together with our footwear and activity levels and lifestyle.

The use of special shoe insoles ( orthotics) are often prescribed to help control the way the foot and therefore legs function to reduce pain or instability. It could involve redistributing high pressure areas or controlling and improving foot function. They aim to rebalance to reduce the stress and strain which can cause discomfort or pain in various parts of the body.
Strengthening & stretching certain areas may be recommended.

If the appropriate strength, flexibility and function are restored your insoles may only be needed on a temporary basis.
However, occasionally corrective devices are required more longer term. We have ready made insoles that we can adapt to your needs through to custom made orthotics using the most up to date 3D scanning.
(Please click on ‘Orthotics using 3D foot scanning’ tab for more details)

Treatments Available . Pain diagram

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